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Course Description

Scenic course with beautiful views of the countryside surrounding the village of Mount Angel.  

Enjoy views of Mt. Hood, hop farms, hazelnut orchards the village of Mount Angel,nurseries and more.


Choose our course or yours.  Our start and finish location is Humpert Park on Alder Street in Mount Angel.  The 10k course circles the base of the Mt. Angel Abbey.  The Half-Marathon begins with a loop on the Northside of Mt. Angel and then joins the 10k course for a loop around the Mt. Angel Abbey. 

Use our map below to run our course, we will have miles marked, please implement social distancing practices to keep 6 feet between runners.


5k Course Map


10k Course Map

Half Marathon Course Map



Minor course changes may occur. For aid station information, view the specific Race Information page.

Half Marathon Course Elevation:

Run through the streets of

Mt. Angel, around the historic Mt. Angel Abbey hill, enjoy views of Mt. Hood, pass by hop fields, hazelnut orchards, and enjoy the countryside of our village.

Half Marathon Course Map  (2021 Course)