FREE downloadable Training Plans are now available!  Click below on the best one that describes your current fitness level & goals, then follow the plan to your 5k/10k or half marathon race.

halfmarathon plans


  • Beginner – intended for new athletes or first-time half marathoners who can train 3-5 days/week and have set a goal to finish 13.1 miles.


  • Beginner PR – intended for new athletes or first-time half marathoners who can train 4-6 days/week and have a specific goal time to finish 13.1 miles.





  • Our pace chart allows you to check your mile pace and quickly determine your finish time, or set a goal finish time and verify what mile pace you need to maintain to achieve your goal.


  • Use this link to download a pace band.  Print it out and cover in packing tape (to make it waterproof).  This is perfect distraction while running to monitor your race progress.

5k/10k trainingplans


The SILVERTON RUNNERS CLUB has both a 5k training plan and 10k training plan that are easy to follow.  


Choose from the easy to follow 5 or 8 week 5k plans or a 10 week beginner and 7 week intermediate 10k training plan.



Hydration Tips

  • Hydrate before you run so your body can transfer heat (cool down) as efficiently as possible, so be sure to drink plenty of water and/or electrolytes before you run.

  • Hydrate regularly during your run. Drinking smaller amounts of fluids more frequently can help your body absorb the liquids. Plan in advance how often you will hydrate during your race based on your training, writing down how frequently you took in fluid and the amounts you consumed.


Apparel Tips

Staying comfortable as you run can positively affect your performance. Here are some helpful tips when deciding what to wear on race day:


  • Don’t try anything new on race day, no matter how cool it looks, tastes or feels at the Expo!

  • Be sure that you are familiar with the electrolyte drink &/or gels that will be used at the race.  It is always best if you train with the products that you will use on race day. You can always bring and carry your own water bottles and/or gels, if necessary.

  • Break in your running shoes well before race day – always wear them for at least several long training runs before racing in them.

  • Seek assistance to find the best socks/shoes until you find ones that you can run comfortably in & that don’t cause blisters.

  • Wear a comfortable top that is made of a moisture wicking material. Avoid cotton tops that simply absorb sweat instead of pulling moisture away from your body.

  • Don’t overdress, even if it’s cool the morning of the race. Generally, it will feel 10 or more degrees warmer once you start running.

  • Female runners should invest in a sports bra and, for males, if you are running more than 10 miles – wear band-aids to avoid chaffing.  Also, products like “Bodyglide” can really save areas of skin that rub or chaff when you run.

  • Use sunscreen. Even if it’s cloudy, UV rays still cause sunburn. Non-greasy sport versions of your favorite sunblock will help you not ‘sweat it off’.